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Top Performers in the world use the Flow Performance Approach:

What others say about training with us

Why we start with Flow

Flow, also known as “being in the zone”, is defined as an optimal state of consciousness in which we are at our best and feel at our best.

Flow is the feeling of happiness and pleasure of being completely absorbed in an activity, which leads to the loss of the sense of space and time. There’s a reason why flow is often called the source code of human motivation, the secret to peak performance, and the key element of any optimal experience, and research confirms it:

It is the first entry to experiences in higher Dimensions, that are accessible for everybody.


Faster skill acquisition

Advanced Brain Monitoring & DARPA


Increase in creative problem solving

University of Sydney


of heightened creativity after the flow state



Increase in executives’ prodictivity


Our approach to human development

We strive to reveal cutting-edge knowledge, training protocols and techniques to positively shape your life and the world from higher levels of consciousness.

In collaboration with neuroscientists, flow scientists, psychologists, top athletes and research from leading universities, we have developed a unique method to enable you to rise above, break through your limits and make a positive difference in the world.

A neuroscience based training you won’t find anywhere else

What others say about training with us

  • Robert

    CEO X.Y.0.1.

    “The program was life-changing. Both on a personal and professional level, my team and I benefited significantly.”

  • Markus

    Managing Partner, PANTARHEI ADVISORS

    “After the Peak Performance Mindset program with Achim, we developed a whole new understanding of our vision – and not just in our heads, but as a holistic, almost physical feeling.”

  • Monique

    Head of Marketing

    “A lot of things have changed in my life throughout the program because of all the practical tools I could integrate in my daily practice. They helped me to feel better, sleep better and see things from a completely different perspective.”

  • Bo

    Country Manager

    “I became aware of what’s truly important for me. It´s not all about work, it´s about being one whole person and this gives me so much energy and wellbeing in my life. For me that´s the biggest discovery and change.”

  • Knut

    Vice President

    “With this program it was the first time I can really say it changed my life. I realized for the first time that I was embarking on a journey. Mentally and physically. It sets off a chain reaction, you are more alert, your environment notices, you work more focused, and you get into the flow easier”

  • Tim

    Chief Financial Officer

    “There was a surprising amount of detail in the program which I could see working for myself after the application in my daily life. Through focusing more on myself I could expand my capacity for my private and professional life. This was a very rewarding process to go through.”

Less Force – More Flow

+ 270 customers

brought to a heightened level of performance, learning and creativity

1-2h daily more free time

for the important things


more focus and energy – less stress and no burning out

Who is behind the Higher States Collective?

A team of high-performance & leadership coaches certified by Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler, the world’s leading voices in flow and peak performance science.

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Achieve your most ambitious goals by spending more time in flow. WITHOUT burning out or at the expense of your health / time with your loved ones.

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Our Mission

To open-source the science behind flow states and make it applicable so individuals and organizations can thrive faster & easier.

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